The Carvalho Peninsula is a football blog by Rob Brown, Chris Ogden and Charlie Anderson, all of whom believe that the most important things in football are pass completion and Dimitar Berbatov.

Rob Brown
Preferred position: Average full-back
Preferred move: Kicking things really hard
Preferred team(s): Viking FK

Rob is a lapsed Cambridge United fan with long luxurious hippie hair and a left foot imbued with the wrath of Odin. He became disillusioned with football after watching Cambridge lose in consecutive playoff finals, but was illusioned with it again after meeting Thomas Myhre.

Chris Ogden
Preferred position: Dilettantish wing-scuttler
Preferred move: Scuttling down the wing in a dilettantish fashion
Preferred team(s): Norwich City

Widely regarded as the Matthias Sindelar of Norfolk literary circles, Chris is a man who knows his way around a stanza. He comes from Salford yet has never supported Manchester United, making him the photo negative of the majority of English football fans.

Charlie Anderson
Preferred position: Backup goalkeeper
Preferred move: Backheels. Always backheels.
Preferred team(s): Crystal Palace, Houston Dynamo

A person whose lifestyle is almost unremittingly modelled on that of Julián Speroni, Charlie hit his head after falling from his bicycle as a child and as a result has a grisly predilection for football in Canada, the United States and the Nordic countries.