Arnesen signs Cobham

The following story about Frank Arnesen is not true.

Not content with this week's signing of defender Michael Mancienne and midfielder Jacopo Sala, the Hamburg sporting director Frank Arnesen has lodged a firm bid for Chelsea's youth academy at Cobham.

Former Ajax and Denmark midfielder Arnesen joined HSV from Stamford Bridge in February, and has been quick to utilise his experience at the London club.

"Obviously I worked very closely with Cobham while I was at Chelsea. It's a good, strong young academy with a good football brain and two decent hydrotherapy pools."

Arnesen has drawn plaudits for the Mancienne and Sala signings, and reported loan target Josh McEachran, tipped as the "new Jack Wilshere", has fanned flames of optimism for Hamburg fans. Arnesen is equally confident about Cobham's chances.

"I'm equally confident about Cobham's chances," said the 54-year-old. "There's no question that he could be the next Josh McEachran."

Some eyebrows have been raised, by pundits and former Chelsea managers alike, about Arnesen's nascent transfer policy - Mancienne is only 23, while Sala and McEachran
are still in their teens - but the Dane isn't worried about Cobham's inexperience.

"Inexperience won't be a problem. Sure, Cobham is only six years old and some of the turf is still a bit loose, but he's been working with top players day in, day out for the last few seasons. And we've already seen that he has no problem coping with a wet Tuesday night in Stoke d'Abernon."

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